With the mica product Samica® vonRoll achieved impregnated, flexible, thermosetting, material which is heat-resisting insulation for motors, generators, transformers and electrical conductors. All electrical rotating machines which operate at high voltage will at some stage of their life experience corona, that is , electrical discharges which damage the insulation and result in failure of the machine. The materials without out standing ability to withstand corona are mica and Samica (mica-paper). However Samica alone has not the correct combination of properties to act as the complete insulation and therefore it has to be combined with appropriate backing materials (glass or film) and bonded together with resins to produce high quality insulating tapes and foils.

VonRoll Isola, beginning with her own production facility for Samica, and continuing with investment in reserach and development, are a leading supplier of a complete range of Samica-based tapes for all high voltage rotating machines.